Ding Dong The Bastard’s Dead…

Another lying, suck ass, satan worshiping, piece of shit jew is dead.   Elie Wiesel dies today at 87.  Thank fucking god!



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7 thoughts on “Ding Dong The Bastard’s Dead…

  1. “Elie Wiesel” was a fraud. He took the identity of a real Auschwitz survivor. The Auschwitz survivor Miklos Gruner, who knew the real Elie Wiesel, met “Elie Wiesel” after the war and said he was an imposter. The real Wiesel came from the Hungarian part of Romania but “Elie Wiesel” could not speak Hungarian or Romanian. He spoke English with a very strong Serbian accent and came from Serbia, possibly from Novi Sad. He came into France in 1954 from the then Yugoslavia and his entry card from the Yugoslavian embassy in Paris can be seen on the internet. The card shows his photo but not his name, which must have been something Serbian. During the Yugoslavian war he was an ambassador for the US, no doubt because of his knowledge of the language. It is also doubtful whether he was even Jewish. Miklos Gruner believed he was not. Elie Wiesel’s “Night” was written by the French author Francois Mauriac with “Elie Wiesel” playing the part of the author.

      1. It seems that someone is a bit angry ’cause you insulted El Weasel. Poor El Weasel, he is rotting in hell and getting insulted because he was a filthy, lying ass kike.

        He was cute… oh wait, no.

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