Blood Libel – Jewish Ritualistic Murder

This well researched article should give all of us pause and to make us realize that we are in a shitload of trouble. If we don’t stop them now, when???

Heathen Women

The Melchizedik Statue at Chartres, holding a shackled Goyim child and a lamb which represents non-Jewish humanity.

Finally. It all fits into place now, I can at last make sense of the non-sense that plagues humanity. Since writing an essay 2 years ago which turned into an internet article read by thousands about the fact that German people did not gas 6 million Jews in WWII as we have been told, and that gargantuan lie was planted in our consciousness to perpetuate the ensnaring of the greater Israel and the world by Zionist Jews, hiding their own racial agenda under false cries of racism and persecution, someone challenged me to write about even darker depths of the human story.

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DNC Reflections Part 1

How could I resist re-posting this?



Today began the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and the fallout from the leaked DNC emails containing plots to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign immediately took it’s toll. Ugly inbred kikess Debbie Wasserman Schultz was angrily confronted at some breakfast speaking engagement and was shouted-down and humiliated by disgruntled Sanders cultists, causing her to resign as chairperson of the DNC and hastily vacate her speaking slot for tonight’s broadcast, before getting the hell out of Philly.

Watching the broadcast, and seeing the never-ending procession of niggers, spics, faggots, feminist cunts, and blood-sucking nation-wrecking JEWS paraded across the stage, it should be abundantly clear that this election is a proxy for RACIAL WAR between a beseiged white majority in America, and a black and brown degenerate horde bent on brutal political, economic, and eventual genetic conquest of it.

In other words, if you are white, then it damn well better be crystal clear…

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