Pathological Lies of Holocaust Survivors

While I don’t deal with the holohoax, as too many excellent researchers have covered it better then I ever could, I cannot resist reposting this excellent article on the jew pathological liar.



While there are countless testimonies of honest Jews and other survivors of German labor camps, they don’t play along with the official Holocaust story and are therefore forbidden from widespread coverage or any form of publication. What does get a lot of coverage are stories by pathological liarswho in a bid to get in on the Holocaust racket, competed with one another in who could invent a more shocking story from a Nazi concentration camp. While fishing for a Hollywood screenplay or book deal, some of the alleged Holocaust survivors went way beyond just lunatic ramblings. Let’s take a look at who exactly these Holocaust survivors on whose testimonies our history books are based on are.

Let me start with a quote from an article published by Fox News on February 29, 2008:

Almost nothing Misha Defonseca wrote about herself or her horrific childhood during the Holocaust was…

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