Update on Brexit.

Wide Awake Gentile

This is what the UK decided to leave  on the 23 of June 2016

indexNotice the HQ of the EU Central Bank…..its Frankfurt the Rothschilds home

UKs leaving the EU was really the result of people not wanting to be ruled by nameless faceless bureaucrats from Brussels and a backlash against the supposed “Syrian Refugee” which ironically caused by Israeli backed attacks on the Arab Spring

The Same forces which control the bureaucracy in Brussels were responsible for the “refugee crisis” of Europe

Since the end of the WW2 there has been a sustained effort to destroy National States and replace them with Administrative Units of a Super Global State

The EU was the FOURTHJewishattempt at forming a Globalbureaucraticstate after the League of Nations Comintern the and the UN The League and the Comintern are dead and the UN and the EU have not succeeded as…

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