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The jews need to be exterminated before they exterminate us.


(This will be an ongoing collection of tweets I pick out from VNN’s Twitter feed. Will be updated periodically. Read them. Internalize them. Repost them.)

Let me try it again. Calling Islam a religion of peace is like calling Judaism a religion of honor.

The problem is christianity promotes the idea that niggers are God’s children rather than retarded pests.

Do Muslims use violence? One laughs. Do Jews use violence? One laughs harder. So why do all these anonymites want it unthinkable for whites?

Good white men must come togethor amd agree that our RACE matters and our enemy is the JEW and THOSE WHO SERVE HIM.

Britain should develop a culture that respects character more than figure-cutting. That’s my cheap free advice, you stupid island monkeys.

God never has or will do SHIT. He’s a figment of the imagination of losers. Always has been, always will be.

For the…

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