Killing Off Queers, Faggots & Other Trash

For those believing that innocent people were killed in the Orlando Gay Pulse Club shooting, this is their lifestyle:





These are your masters of manipulation and perversion:




Anyone still feeling sorry for these “victims” can go fuck themselves.

It remains to be seen if this was another hoax or actual false flag.  Updates will be forth coming.



6 thoughts on “Killing Off Queers, Faggots & Other Trash

  1. It’s plain to see why the homos are called queer, but that description is itself much too mild for the pure filth.

    “Here is an exhaustive list proving, once and for all, that the radical homosexual movement in the United States is a Jewish movement. Jews created it and run it from top to bottom. They are pushing the perversion and degeneracy that is spreading disease, sin and sickness through America like a wildfire.”

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