Killing Off Queers, Faggots & Other Trash

For those believing that innocent people were killed in the Orlando Gay Pulse Club shooting, this is their lifestyle:





These are your masters of manipulation and perversion:




Anyone still feeling sorry for these “victims” can go fuck themselves.

It remains to be seen if this was another hoax or actual false flag.  Updates will be forth coming.



54 thoughts on “Killing Off Queers, Faggots & Other Trash

  1. It’s plain to see why the homos are called queer, but that description is itself much too mild for the pure filth.

    “Here is an exhaustive list proving, once and for all, that the radical homosexual movement in the United States is a Jewish movement. Jews created it and run it from top to bottom. They are pushing the perversion and degeneracy that is spreading disease, sin and sickness through America like a wildfire.”

  2. I was looking for your post involving faggots and their acts. My search took me here, and I regret clicking on it. Is not your fault, blame my stomach. I guess I can’t stomach the other post you made, on where you detail what they do. Too grossed out.

  3. That’s the post I was looking for. You did find it. Thank you. Sorry for your stomach, Nothing much bothers me any more but I wanted to put it out there so all the “faggots have rights, too” assbutts can see what’s really going on. Can you imagine one of their adopted kids walking in on this??

    1. “Assbutts”. LOL. Their kids are coming batshit insane… I mean, some liberals peddle the argument that the kids who get adopted by fags are to receive a home with a wholesome family, although that family is a bit different. But thinking of a kid walking on this makes me think of a crackwhore who lets her johns come home to perform… and lets her kids to witness all of that madness. No liberal would defend the adoption of kids for such a mother… yet they encourage adoptions made by faggots. Liberals would prefer that said crackwhore gave her kids away. I hope I made myself clear, sorry if I sound a bit confusing.

    1. God! No wonder his girlfriend left. Pretty soon he’ll be chopping off his dick and trying to get pregnant up his bum.

      1. I’ve read a bit more… and it seems that those histories are fantasies, or more than one faggot is writing. An older story mentions a wife, that’s why I can’t tell if it’s the same faggot. Anyway, fake or not, whoever comes up with that shit needs to have his head checked.

      2. They have their own world, always have. They need to stay in it, but the stinking jews have convinced them they are a persecuted minority. That’s where it started. Everyone’s persecuted but us. Fuckers, ‘scuse my French.

  4. Can I use your photos in a post of mine? It won’t be a mere repost, it’s gonna be something a bit more longer. And yes, it’ll have a warning… These photos made my stomach turn the first couple of times I saw them… But I gotta be instructive, that’s why I want to include them on my post. If you don’t want, I’m okay with that.

    1. You can help yourself to anything I have. Be so kind as to mention my site, if you don’t mind. Very interested in seeing what you come up with. (no pun intended. Hahaha!)

  5. It’s a good thing I warned you about TOR and its drawbacks… because it’s acting more sticky and wonky than ever. Unless you want to smash your computer and burn your router due to anger, I don’t recommend you TOR at all if your connection is far from stellar. I’m cursing more than a sailor due to shitty loading speeds now.

      1. I’m a teetotaler, like the Führer. But it has cleared now. It’s working a bit better. I was told to calm down here at home as well.

      2. LOL I’m not married, it’s more like motherly wisdom. How old do you think I am? Methinks you think I’m much older than I really are.

    1. I’d be nice to move, but everything is so expensive, including rent. You would think that with our lot of space, moving out would have to be easier, but no. Speculation and inflation conspire against the moving prospects of a youth person. You need to have a very good job to pay rent and services, and food and other niceties. It’s kinda hard to do if your parents don’t help you, and usually that happens when they got a decent amount of money. Honestly, if I were president, I’d do a house program like the Führer used to do. We have lots of land, but speculation drives prices up as if we were in Japan or some crazy place on where land/houses cost a ton to purchase.

    2. A job in retail. They don’t pay that much, they exploit us. And sadly, I live in a small town, so it’s not that easy to change jobs. But my mother is not that bad. It’s just that I don’t want to be stuck here forever. I feel a bit silly living with my mother… It’s just a matter of independence. Sucks to be born in this generation… people had it a bit easier to pay/maintain a family, like 40-50 years ago, heck, even 20 years ago. Now inflation is a bitch, it’s a chronic problem… I have small cousins that don’t know how is to live without an inflation of two digits. That’s crazy, if you think about it.

      1. That’s very true. I’d hate to be young now. At least you have a roof over your head, food and a mother who raised you right. Does she understand all that’s going on? Has she read your site?

      2. Some of the posts, yes. The posts in Spanish, since she doesn’t know much English… The post I’m planning to do now is probably not safe to show to her, LOL. She’ll be too grossed out… in fact, I’m also grossed out, but I have to press on. Nobody said that being a Nationalsocialist was easy.

    1. Or botox shots. It’s all the rage here.
      On other news, my post will be raunchier and more disgusting than yours, I guarantee you. Or I’ll send you 100 argentine pesos, what is like… 6 dollars. LOL.

    1. You’ll regret it. Not because of buying me lunch, but because you’ll throw up your lunch. I’m making a post so disgusting so to make any idiot coming to say “I accept faggots”, unknowingly of what they do, change his mind and support the Nationalsocialists. Or at least, stop being so supportive of the fag agenda. Heck, even I am disgusted with my post.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, ma’am. I try my best to upload quality content. Even the filthy post I’ll upload in a few hours is going to be REALLY filthy. A+ class filth, or your money is back. I’m kind of a perfectionist, that’s why I put so much effort there.

    1. Oh yes, I’ll do that. My blog is a bit small so I don’t expect too many comments. But yes, I’m definitely going to let comments fly. I only moderate the first comment of every new poster, once you got an approved comment, you are all set to comment without my moderation.

    1. Heck, sorry for not answering. Yes, there are several. But not where I live, and besides, I wouldn’t eat there anyway… It’s not your fault, it’s just that I don’t like it…
      I make better hamburgers than them!! In fact, we purchase ground meat, and then we make meatballs and hamburgers with it. Better than the stuff you purchase in the supermarkets, I tell you.

      1. Don’t worry, I can’t even keep track of my own stuff, much less anything else. And I was be facetious, just kidding. offering lunch but taking you to the cheapest place.

      2. Hahahahaha! Yes, I knew that. Hahahaha!
        I didn’t take you seriously, anyway. Hahahaha! But I do better hamburgers than them, for real!

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