Pathological Lies of Holocaust Survivors

While I don’t deal with the holohoax, as too many excellent researchers have covered it better then I ever could, I cannot resist reposting this excellent article on the jew pathological liar.



Update on Brexit.

Wide Awake Gentile

This is what the UK decided to leave  on the 23 of June 2016

indexNotice the HQ of the EU Central Bank…..its Frankfurt the Rothschilds home

UKs leaving the EU was really the result of people not wanting to be ruled by nameless faceless bureaucrats from Brussels and a backlash against the supposed “Syrian Refugee” which ironically caused by Israeli backed attacks on the Arab Spring

The Same forces which control the bureaucracy in Brussels were responsible for the “refugee crisis” of Europe

Since the end of the WW2 there has been a sustained effort to destroy National States and replace them with Administrative Units of a Super Global State

The EU was the FOURTHJewishattempt at forming a Globalbureaucraticstate after the League of Nations Comintern the and the UN The League and the Comintern are dead and the UN and the EU have not succeeded as…

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Bravo, England!!!

I subscribe to the British medical journal, The Lancet, for research purposes.   Here is their editorial on June 19, 2016 before the Brexit vote:

Europe: taking back control

The Lancet

When the debate about whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union (EU) began, many of those who wanted to remain thought the arguments were clear, even irrefutable. The benefits, economic and political, seemed to far outweigh the harms. But one person’s rationality may not be another’s. With less than a week to go before the vote on June 23, the wind seems to be firmly in the sails of those advocating Brexit. To those of us who have campaigned to remain in the EU, such an outcome now seems a real possibility. And one we reject.

We reject Brexit because of the nation the UK seems to be evolving into—isolationist, xenophobic, and fearful. It feels sometimes as if all the difficulties the UK faces are being laid at the door of the EU. The decline of manufacturing industries, lack of affordable housing, and even the threat of terrorism—these predicaments are all blamed on Brussels. The facts of globalisation, decades-long neglect of domestic housing policy, and the human tragedy of Syria’s civil war cut little ice with a public justifiably anxious about their futures. Those who want to stay in the EU have failed to articulate successfully the positive case for remaining.

What is that positive case? The UK is a great nation because it is internationalist in spirit and substance. As an island, our survival and success have depended entirely on working with other nations to achieve our goals. That was true in the 17th century when science became Britain’s comparative advantage in global affairs. It was true when The Lancet was founded in 1823. Britain has succeeded because it is a fulcrum for the promotion and international exchange of ideas.

Our partnerships with nations have evolved over time into multiple associations—the UN, G7, G20, Commonwealth, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and, of course, the EU. Europe is not only our closest neighbour, it has influenced, even determined, much of our cultural, including our medical and scientific, heritage. The UK is proud of its independence, borne as it is from our island status and our geographic position between west and east, north and south. But the success of the UK rests not on its stoical independence, but on its deep and trusted relations with other nations.

Voting to remain in the EU is neither a capitulation to Brussels nor an abdication of our identity. It is a reaffirmation of Britain’s commitment to intensive cooperation as the best means to deliver prosperity, peace, and security—and, it should be added, better health and wellbeing for all our citizens. That is the true meaning of taking back control.

They are, however, not without controversy, they even dared to criticize Israel on Palestine.

Now we have to wait and see how many false flags/hoaxes the jews pull on Britain in an effort to force a retraction.   Stay alert, friends.

At any rate:


It’s The Fucking Jews, Stupid

CZAR’S ASSASSINATION, 1881. The assassination of Czar Alexander II at the Catherine Canal in St. Petersburg, 13 March 1881: contemporary wood engraving.

66 million 2

I have been saying this for years, the fucking jews want to disarm us like they did the Russians in 1917 so we can be more easily exterminated.    Thank God for Ken Adachi and his forthrightness in this Orlando Faggot Hoax.



VNN Tweets

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The jews need to be exterminated before they exterminate us.


(This will be an ongoing collection of tweets I pick out from VNN’s Twitter feed. Will be updated periodically. Read them. Internalize them. Repost them.)

Let me try it again. Calling Islam a religion of peace is like calling Judaism a religion of honor.

The problem is christianity promotes the idea that niggers are God’s children rather than retarded pests.

Do Muslims use violence? One laughs. Do Jews use violence? One laughs harder. So why do all these anonymites want it unthinkable for whites?

Good white men must come togethor amd agree that our RACE matters and our enemy is the JEW and THOSE WHO SERVE HIM.

Britain should develop a culture that respects character more than figure-cutting. That’s my cheap free advice, you stupid island monkeys.

God never has or will do SHIT. He’s a figment of the imagination of losers. Always has been, always will be.

For the…

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