Book:The Rulers Of Russia By Rev Denis Fahey

6 thoughts on “Book:The Rulers Of Russia By Rev Denis Fahey

  1. After the October seizure of power in Russia by the Jewish coalition of parties to power in Russia it is the Jewish occupation government, headed by the Chairman of the Council of people’s Commissars V. Ulyanov -Blank ( Lenin ) Jew,
    The Bolshevik Gestapo, the Cheka was headed by a Polish Jew Dzerzhinsky. In turn, more than 60% of the composition of the executioners of the Cheka were Jewish person 30% foreigners and Caucasians, less than 10% Russian, if more precise usually baptized the Jews with Russian names.( Members of the Petrograd Cheka consisted of Jews 6,1 pole,2 Armenians, Latvians, 1 German, in the Moscow Cheka consisted of members of the Commission of the Jew 43,10 Latvians, 3 Armenian, 2 pole, 2русских around so it was everywhere.)
    Here such here “the workers” and “peasants” organized the overthrow of our great Russian state, “Russian Empire” and created on its territory, its Jewish , the occupation state, which still exists under different names (RSFSR-USSR – Russia “Russia”).
    The Jewish mafia has seized power in Russia, not in order to bestow some sort of Russian workers and peasants, and for the same, which is always exciting foreign country all conquerors of all times and peoples.
    That would keep all of the revenues of this country, in order to provide their living space of Jews and tens of millions of obedient slaves.

  2. I’m telling you this ’cause I can’t tell it to Fuhrerious: he’s on holidays, remember.
    Link does some strange wankery, and redirects you to Youtube… Truly bizarre shit, it kinda mixes the link and adds “” to the beginning.
    Anyway, I have fished up the link on the Wayback Machine, and I found results…
    It’s functional. I even downloaded the file to read offline, so it works.
    I don’t know what happens if Fuhrerious changes the original post, if changes are reflected here or not to your reblog as well, or it just changes there and not here, so I’m telling you this.
    When I try to access Zioncrimefactory itself, it does the same redirect to Youtube…
    See the Wayback Archive itself, point it to 2017 and see what happens.
    I would post the link myself here, but I’d trigger the Akismet filter, so I don’t.

  3. Thanks for catching this. The zioncrimefactory link was included in the re blog and doesn’t show up in my edit version for me to delete, so I found the PDF file of Fahey’s book and added it at the top.

    You can certainly contact him on this, you’ll just have to wait 2 weeks for him to correct it. That link says “upload” which refers to videos so since the original video has been taken down, that’s all you get from it.

    And thanks for digging up the Wayback link, you definitely put Nancy Drew to shame, haha!

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