The Trump Kabuki

This is for all you stupid Trump thumpers.

B'Man's Revolt

Why do you hate Trump so much, B’Man?

I don’t hate Trump, folks. I see Trump for what he is: a part player in the Jewish Kabuki Theater known as American Presidential elections. It took me decades to understand that any time the Republican and Democratic Parties are involved, what you are witnessing is a massive entertainment live show of particularly despicable people thrust upon us under the guise of them being the best that America has to offer. Some people just cannot grasp this easily identified fact:

note – The filthy Jewish press tries to turn Black people against one of their most uncompromising and successful leaders. Why? Because he opposes brutal Hebrew occupation. Because he resists the Jewish enslavement of Africans. Because he tries to educate his Negroid race of the bloodthirsty Kike menace and their Yiddish tricks.

This Smoloko person is one of the most rabid Drumpfters out…

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