Nixon & The Jews






6 thoughts on “Nixon & The Jews

  1. Great stuff….

    It is amazing how R.M. Nixon was the only one that stood with Senator Joseph McCarthy, as he tried to expose and WARN America about the evil that IS Communism (a JEW™ creation) and even though McCarthy never uttered the word JEW, he was and is called an “anti-Semite”…. If anyone cares to look, they will find that “Elizabeth Dilling” was also attacked in the same way. Although Dilling accidentally discovered the “JEW” connection to the creation of Communism.

    Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the fight.

  2. Thank YOU for your perceptive comment and support. I picked up a book from Amazon “Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy.” It should be a good expose’.

    1. More reasons for them, then… jews can’t allow criticism of their “dahlings”, at least, not in America… Although the jews hate niggers, even their own niggerjews, and barely tolerate them…

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