Blood & Premonitions

This superb article by Mike King shows us what’s coming at us.  And no one is listening.


This is what the fucking jews have planned for us.   Where are our leaders and heroes?

Is anyone out there?  Can you hear me?


“And the women wept in sorrow for the men of yesteryear.”

One thought on “Blood & Premonitions

  1. In truth the Mongols vastly over-reacted with Europe and had no business with their invasion whatsoever. However they only did so trying to find an alternate route which did not require directing their troops through a desert into Africa, which was their original intent.

    The Mongols however were good at wiping out Muslims and Christians, I’ll give them props for that. The Khazarian Jew theory has long since been debunked.

    Jews utilize whatever Empires befit their agendas to wreak havoc at the expense racially homogeneous cultures(Mongols not excluded) such as the present ongoing migrant invasion into Europe and proxy warfare among the Lords of the East vs West.(Russia/Iran and U.S.A./Israel).

    The Renaissance in Europe was not based upon Christian culture it was a revival of Classical paganism which was mostly destroyed or suppressed by Christianity.

    Though I do not doubt the Jews are using the Mongol fear to instill chaos just as they did with WW2. In truth you have a lot less to fear of true Mongols in present as their population is smaller than the state of Missouri in total just roughly 3 million.

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