Lasha Darkmoon: Liar & Coward

I came across this in my inbox this morning and after tracking down the sources, had to post this before breakfast.   People, we have to be so damn careful with what we present to our readers.  The truth must come before everything, even if we disagree with it.

When I submitted my comment to her site, it didn’t even go into Moderation.  I believe I have been locked out.  Hahaha!  What does that tell you??  I also have been locked out of Renegade Tribune site’s comments when I went after Sinead and Kyle Hunt for posting unscientific crap about vaccines and calling Kyle out for his stupid flat earth theory promotions.

I have researched this rumour and that’s exactly what it is. I am appalled at you, Lasha, for posting this unsubstantiated bullshit. The top link you give, which goes to Your Daily Dose of Conservatism website, NOT a news site, shows the Page Cannot Be Found. They don’t even post it.

You have NO proof of anything. Your habit of posting “if it sounds bad it’s true” continues to discredit you. Here is Zakharia’s rebuttal from his blog:

Bile, venom and lies: How I was trolled on the Internet

And where is your link to THIS comment???

Fareed Zakaria, CNN host of ‘Foreign Affairs,’ has in his private blog called for the merciless rape of white females by Islamic minority groups shortly after openly gloating over the rise in premature deaths of white males in his article in The Washington Post.

Your continued lack of journalistic integrity continues to make you look like a fool. As are most of the writers for the Renegade Tribune. I stand only for the TRUTH, whichever direction it takes me and I will continue to expose your blithering tripe on my websites whatever it may be. And the commentators here who blindly swallow your garbage are just as stupid and thoughtless as you.

Since I doubt you have the guts to post this, I am copying it and posting it on Mr. Zakaria’s blog and my own. I don’t care who this man is nor his politics but I will always defend the truth when I see it.”

We cannot be afraid to be disagreed with, whatever the viewpoint.  I have always posted all comments on my articles and will continue to do so.  Anyone who dislikes this article please say so, but I expect you to back it up with research, links and proof.   We should not allow fellow expose’ sites to muddy up the waters.  I will take anyone one on I think is doing this.


11 thoughts on “Lasha Darkmoon: Liar & Coward

  1. Your comment has been posted on the Darkmoon site.

    And keep guarding Zakharia’s PNAC/Clean Break hard won shabbo honor, lest it be sullied by those of weak stomach, unable to process Zakharia’s crimes against humanity.

    You might be even in line for a free lunch at the next Trilateral Commission meeting or one can only dream … the Bilderberg gala!

  2. Why thank you, dahling. But you’re just a little Darkmoon ass kisser. My comment was NOT posted. Just your drooling vomit. BTW, you forgot your links and proof of your assertions, naughty boy.

    She’s still a jew brainwashed coward. Thanks for linking me in your comment. I’m sure she’ll enjoy my article. Hahahaha!!

    1. Darkmoon admitted that she fell for a nasty hoax and has sent an apology to Zakharia by way of a poem.
      However, in throwing your full support to Zakharia while badmouthing Darkmoon, you do two things, equally base:

      You enthusiastically support a well known neocon shabbo criminal, the coauthor of PNAC document that engendered 9/11 Mossad attack on America and world, leading directly to destruction of half a dozen Islamic societies, deaths of well over million people and the current misery of Europe, swamped by millions of displaced migrants, driven there by the same set of plans, The Protocols, Yinon Plan, Clean Break and PNAC – this is the honor lineup behind Fareed Zakharia, the traitor for whom you shed your self righteous tears,

      this hoax was clearly engineered by the same forces of Kol Nidre that ceaselessly seek to derail legitimate search for truth by feeding disinfo in order to discredit and delegitimize alternate outlets like Darkmoon, a swindle tried and tested many times as part of Jew agitprop.
      Rather than analyzing the message, viz, who planted this Zakharia rumor and why, you go after the messenger, Darkmoon, who simply picked it up (without due diligence of double checking the sources) and gleefully stick a knife in her back, while proudly joining forces with the blackest of neocon traitors working for the Talmudic global dominion.

      Talk about ass-kissing …

      (your comment was posted yesterday by Darkmoon administration and somewhat inexplicably taken down shortly after I responded … I have no input on their editorial policy)

      1. Thanks for keeping me updated, however, her admin policy is that commentors must agree to kiss her ass before being posted. I bend to no one. And as I stated to you before, you provide NO links to your blithering assertions. True or not, I stand by my post.

        I did NOT knife her in the back. I went right to her but she refused to post my comment. So after you are through kissing her ass, you can kiss mine.

  3. Renegade reeks of controlled opposition, it is unfortunate though as they produced some quality content in the past. In the present however certain figures within said hub have permanently steered me away.

    I am not too familiar with this Lasha Darkmoon, however the mixture of truth with bullshit presented by the Renegade Tribune is volatile.

    It is a time delayed explosion, just sit back – don’t get involved, rather watch in amusement as it breaks apart.

  4. the website is a toxic waste ,run by lunatics .
    most comments posted there by suckpopputtes ,the so called admn.toby the hyena is classic nut case.
    lasha it seems like weak minded, spoiled emotionally needy and horny .

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