Corneliu Zelea Codreanu ~ A Man Who Saw Clearly




“We do not remember that our people – during our sad but proud Romanian history – at any time tolerated being dishonoured. Our fields are full of the dead, but not of cowards. Today we are free men with the consciousness of our rights. Slaves we are not and never were. We receive death, but not humiliation. Rest assured, we have sufficient moral strength left to find an honourable exit from a life we cannot support without honour and dignity” -Corneliu Codreanu


20 thoughts on “Corneliu Zelea Codreanu ~ A Man Who Saw Clearly

      1. We have a hero who is fighting for all who are opressed, he is a fighter who will destroy the greatedt enemy of man. His name JESUS. Let us all look to him.

  1. I agree, Cartier. Our people do not feel capable of acting, alone or in concert, without a clear and visible enemy whose treasons are quite clear. Our vision will be more clear when the full range of the enemy among our midst is publically identified by all of our people. For now, they see only one segment of jews and what those have done to us, but that one segment is incapable of doing all the evils being done against us alone and by themselves.

    Codreneu of Romania was a true hero, and not just for the Romanian people. He was murdered by some of the same misfit jewish rabble who are murdering us [they’ve changed their methods and their public look and don’t look at all murderous when you see them], although I know of no people (other than myself) who are aware at all about that specific faction of the jews – (Yes there are two factions – one known (the NWO – “capitalistic”, Rothschild type), and the other conducting stealth treason (in the shadows, hidden, but whose activities are constantly within the peripheries of our view, though operating openly and in plain sight). Nor is it publically known about their activities, that second type, or the manners by which they work. Our attention has been focused on jewry’s subversions on one level, while we have been getting our worst hits from a second level which we have not recognized at all, and no one has until now been aware about that second front of jewry, or how they work to do their damages, other than the jews. That is why they are succeeding so well.

    That is what all of those “good jews” who have been so good about “revealing” stuff to us (about one faction) have been hiding from us, as they intentionally reveal the one group whom they want our attention to be on. Those jews know that they are lying. They are jews. They don’t care about you or me at all. They just know that it’s important that you think that they do. They and other jews know all about that second group. They just aren’t going to tell you. They think they just have to continue lying well, in entertaining ways, and it’s only a short time until the world is in their satanic hands.

    I’m considering what might be the most effective way to release more specific information about that. It must be done properly in a way which is most effective, which has to be properly understood (along with the proper methods best to combat it) before it can be of maximum help and use to our cause. I may like to call upon all of you at some point for some assist, as I am not at all computer capable, if you would be so kind as to want to help (I’m not sure it will become necessary for an assistance for now).

    I can tell you that our answer lies with those who killed Codreneu, and that the core of that answer is found in the details about that second front of jewry who killed him, and it is that second group of jews which is named in those details below (they hide themselves behind many differing names and fronts, no matter which country their cells are operating in (most people would not recognize those jews – who seem publically to be “do-gooders” – as being communist jew cells, but They Are.

    There is more I won’t reveal for now, but I will when the time is right for it to be given out in a way in which it can most properly be understood. Take this group seriously, just as much so as the other one, and possibly more. They are deceptive in their methods and appearance, not appearing by their front to be dangerous at all, but the two groups of jewry work together. They act at times in ways adverse to each other, but that is just internal jew rivalry and they know that they are combined against us.

    “In Romania Communists including Hashomer Hatzair were involved in Jewish subversive political activities leading to the execution of anti-Communist Romanian patriotic leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu in 1938. The leaders of Hashomer Hatzair were later arrested and executed for their activities. — After the war the movement had infiltrated European nations throughout the world concealing itself as a scouting movement within the Jewish communities.”

    [This is the main link, although I don’t remember the specific link for now, to the quote above].

  2. Thank you for your stunningly intelligent and perceptive comment. I will delve further into this. It would help for all of us to keep in mind the ultimate goal of the jews: A world without Gentiles ruled by their messiah.

    I have much more to say about this aspect but need to do more research. And yes, I know, many of them don’t even believe in any god, but their goal is the same, however they can bring it about.

    I’ll read the link you provided and am always here to help you.

  3. Cartier, I don’t remember the name of the post, but something with “Comrade Incog” in the title is on the post where Incogman attacked me, and it has some more information beginning with my own comment at the first part of that postings comments. It’s kind of difficult to research that Hatzair group, but you will find them involved in many activities (some seem normal on the surface, as if only for jews, but there are consistencies which make them dangerous through widespread influences) in different countries. At least one of their US groups is linked to in my comments, and Hatzair may use a myriad of different names, see the names of all those organizations and observe some for their activities. I’m trying to just build on my knowledge and links to see where they will lead, but I try to keep up with my regular commenting, too, so it is slower going for now. Good luck to you, Cartier.

  4. Flanders’ comment (the first one he did) is truly brilliant…
    Here lies a tactic of the jews. You see the jews like Chomsky (for example) complaining of what the “other” set of jews does. However, they (like the “baddest” jews) are bad as well. Only that they pretend, more in the open, to be your friends… Hence, they denounce whatever evils are acceptable to whine upon. They won’t reveal nothing too compromising about the jews, nor they will depart too much from the “acceptable discourse”… That’s why you can find Chomsky’s books published by the big editorial houses. If Chomsky REALLY spilled the beans big time, they would have killed him (or silenced him in any other way)…
    For what I see, they have several lines of discourse/speech. The vilest and more radical ones are to be read/found by fellow jews. Then, they have the whitewashed ones, which are intended to be public to the goyim/low level jews… The fake antagonism between left and right (in the political discourse) is an offspring of that stance. They set the goyim into a wild goose chase that goes in circles.
    Judaism has at least two faces, the public one with the fake fights for the goyim to see, and the real one, in which the goyim seldom are involved, and in which the jews really show their viciousness towards each other. But remember, in any case, they are psychopaths. And they are jews, at the end of the day. Their quarrels are, in this case, for power, or for how to apply that power to subjugate the goyim. The non-jews will get fleeced either way.

  5. Your comment is also very brilliant. You seem to have gotten their pattern down pat. Let me read my link and get back to you and Flanders. Sorry I get distracted so damn easily. Should have done this months ago.

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