I Am Through With John Kaminski


Tobias Lang: Regarding your Kaminski Affair, I would like to say this:

I was truly unaware that John threatened Kyle regarding his article. I now see the point of the RT dismissal and agree with Lasha’s comments to him. His arrogant presumptuous posting of my private letter of support to several people is the last straw for me. I sent him a cutting email regarding his betrayal and told him to take me off his list.

As for your complaints regarding my articles on Stand or Die, I have no interest in sending anything to the RT or Occidental Observer. My work stands on its own. You are the first to be “offended.” We are losing the war and I don’t have time to be pretty. You know as well as I that the jews are using the mud races to exterminate Whites. I’ve made this brutally clear in all my articles. If you can’t get past the word nigger, then YOU have a problem. BTW, what was your point in posting the blowup of my avatar? Trying to show the difference between Beauty and The Bitch?? Haha.

I am NOT a White Nationalist. I am for the WHITE RACE, period.

I greatly appreciate your links and information.  It certainly rounds out the picture.

I will be posting your article and my comment to Darkmoon (below) in the hopes this sordid waste can finally be flushed away.

Dear Lasha,

As I am unable to find a contact box in order to speak privately to you, this shall have to remain public. I was shocked and concerned in finding the above article in my inbox. I am even more infuriated that John Kaminski would send to you and others, including my dear friend Digger For Truth, my private email of support for him and my anger at your open letter. I firmly believe you should have made it private and dealt with it on your own. But that is no longer relevant.

As John can no longer be trusted, I will be terminating what little association I have with him. I will contact him when through here, and yes, there will be blood;) We need to stick together as we all have a dog in this fight, however, betrayals on any level will not be tolerated. I will be posting this article from its original site on my page. After all, my name is being flung far and wide and am getting much needed traffic:) Thank you.

I do peek over here from time to time so keep up the excellent work, lady.

Regards, Cartier McCloud

Dear God, let this be the end of it.



6 thoughts on “I Am Through With John Kaminski

  1. Cartier, I am not privy to the situation you describe and haven’t been aware of it, or following it at all, but your response given above is very good. It reflects the good character and values, which I’ve previously observed about you.

  2. Thank you so much, Flanders. If you’ve taken a minute to click on the link, you will see my letter to John. I think it’s pretty obvious it’s private. When I cut him off, I told him all he had to do was ask me, and with some editing, I would have said yes.

  3. Apparently, John just saw this and I got this email from him.

    John Kaminski
    16:02 (4 minutes ago)

    to me
    Cartier, you ditz. You didn’t tell me you had a wacko website. Thanks for making me look bad.

    Sheesh. Good bye.

  4. I think the way this man violated your privacy is disgusting. His “irreplacability” is also very off-putting. To be given a chance when nobody else would have, and to trash his fans as censoring and defaming him, is very unEuropean behavior. It just makes me want to punch him in the face. He needs to drop off the face of the earth.

    Now, to point out the elephant in the room… you and I aren’t what you’d call the best of friends, and probably we’ll always have our differences. But upon checking out your site out of curiousity, you actually do more than I realize.

    I like how you promote that the Jews are the biggest problem and that the rest is easy to solve once they are gone. And I’m glad you think Hitler is one of the greatest men of the 20th century. I don’t know if you can be persuaded, but there is an excellent 2009 translation of Mein Kampf available by Michael Ford. The official website for it also hosts a free eBook available for download as a PDF. http://www.hitler-library.org/mein-kampf-books.htm Read the description and give it a shot. As you know, anybody who knows Hitler’s true message is transformed forever and at least for me, this 2009 version deepened its impact.

    I think you deserve better than what this John Kaminsky gave you. I myself don’t always agree with you, but knowing what you promote and the visibility it brings you, I’ll be more respectful to you and treat you like a lady should be from now on. And if you’re Irish (your last name seems like it), that will be doubly true since I myself am Irish. I don’t expect you to return the favor. Well, I’m not a lady so I hope not. haha

    Anyway, this will probably be my last message to you, because I’m about to leave WordPress and spend full-time on that forum I told you about some time back. May you gain many victories in the name of our race. Farewell.

    1. Adastra,

      I am sending this to your private email hoping it reaches you as you seem not to be going back to me.

      Your icon is very familiar but I simply can’t remember the forum you mentioned. Could I have it again? I also can’t remember our spat, however, your perceptive and gracious comment to me makes it most certainly irrelevant.

      John is an arrogant, bloody fool and over the years, I have come across many people who don’t like him. I am keeping his Third Rail article up on my site as I think it is excellent and on point. I wrote him another “private” letter tell him off and having him remove me from his mailing list. As you have seen in the comment section, he sent me quite a stupid email calling me a ditz, haha, so I posted it. Hardly private.

      I am more then glad you contacted me and in case this doesn’t reach you, I’ll re-post it in the comments here.

      Thank you so much, friend.

      Stay true and sweet, my friend and stop by from time to time.

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