What Is Cultural Marxism?

This is how the stinking jews keep us divided, upset and fighting among ourselves so we don’t see them plotting our genocide in the background. Don’t fall for it.

B'Man's Revolt

We hear the words thrown around describing all sorts of things willy nilly.

But it can be clearly defined. The following short video does an excellent job:

To understand the emergence of political correctness, social justice, modern feminism, etc., one must first understand the history of critical theory/Cultural Marxism.

One of my favorite thinkers adds:

Hate speech against the better interests of Western Civilization and the survival of the White race of peoples native to the European continent.

Hell, I say we keep that law on the books and simply apply it to them. We know they can’t keep their mouths shut.
Their ultimate aim is the progressive eradication of Western cultures and prosperous existence of White people. When questioned on this, they will engage in Race Denialism.

They make out their opponents are mentally ill (like all tyrants suppressing dissent) when they actively celebrate their own, far higher numbers…

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2 thoughts on “What Is Cultural Marxism?

  1. B’Man has good information, Cartier, and here is another method the stealth, but crafty jews work to pervert society in ways which are more direct.

    Some jews pretending to be Conservative are running attack ads, and running them especially in the Southern States of REAL America.

    Just a few of the names behind this jewish PAC, operating under the name, “Conservative Solutions PAC”, when they run their attack ads. WATCH FOR THEM.
    “Another anti-Trump spot complains: “He praised Russian gangster Vladimir Putin.”

    That is a very Jewish complaint, since it is Putin who has thwarted the Zionist-Jew plan to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and create chaos in Syria.

    The following names were reported to the Federal Election Commission as having donated $200 or more to this PAC. Note that there are no donations of less than $50,000. This PAC certainly represents the interests of some very rich people, many of whom are well known to be Jews.

    The name at the top of the list, Paul Singer, is that of a Jewish hedge-fund manager who promotes “gay rights.” Is that really conservative?”.”

    Just a few of the names behind this rich jewish PAC, operating under the name, “Conservative Solutions PAC”, when they run their attack ads, which you really should WATCH FOR. The link has many more.

    NEW YORK, NY 10019 ELLIOTT MANAGEMENT CORP. 11/25/15 $2,500,000
    CHICAGO, IL 60603 CITADEL, LLC 12/14/15 $2,500,000
    MIAMI, FL 33165 06/29/15 $2,500,000
    MIAMI, FL 33137 BRAMAN MOTORS, INC. 06/22/15 $2,000,000
    WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596 ORACLE 06/24/15 $2,000,000


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