Iamthewitness Is Gone


We must all redouble our efforts to get out the truth.   One never knows.


23 thoughts on “Iamthewitness Is Gone

    1. wayback machine has finally delete iamthewitness, a month ago they had all his hundred of books for downloaid. Now I am ecstatic I downloaded all of them, the fuckers.

  1. People have spent alot of time in pursuit of the truth in the battle against lies.Some even jailed and lost lives.If you could have saved the library of alexandria would you have.Hardly a month goes by when a site goes down.So not just blog owners but readers should save sites to hard drives ect.Luckly the site was saved at archive.org but even they have been known to take down content I’m sure you can find other similar sites. Always save pages you read to such sites

  2. Has anyone actually been in contact with Daryl over this ? Are we sure it was French (Jewish) legislation ? This was one of the most important sites on the internet and put me on the path of understanding the Jewish Question a decade ago.

    1. He had also mentioned his health was bad. I don’t know. I commented under the video on Youtube that I’d be willing to take over but no one’s responded. Maybe he’s just sick of it all. He has a family to take care of, as well.

  3. Google.com caches sites like on a daily basis almost so if you wait to long like days they will make a new copy and all you will see is that it is down which happened to me. ,https://startpage.com/do/dsearch?query=google+cache&cat=web&pl=opensearch&language=english,
    http://www.httrack.com is supposed to copy the site plus links for free I hav’nt tried it yet .It was on archive.org but what I found in feb. was’nt the whole site and showed like only part of the page and did’nt scroll it.I tried baidu and their cache was the best but I could’nt find it when I got ready to make a copy and the site is in chinese. most if not all of a site should fit on any drive including thumb drive.Some guy working at family dollar told me he got a 36 GB thumb drive at walmart for $19 on sale.I just got an email about a week ago with a link for IAW and it worked weel but it was late and I was through and when I find it and make a copy I will post it .Since it keeps disappearing .I donn’t know if any of these links work ect or if they will still work in time which is why I will repost it as a backup ect. Good luck and take care

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