Adolf Hitler’s Warning (Banned in Europe)

Who warns us now? Where is our leader and hero?


I offer no opinions about Adolf Hitler on this site because I simply have had no time to study the life and work of this remarkable man.

I do know that Germany got the shaft from the West. Germany was only reconstructed after Word War 2 because the globalist bankers (i.e., Illuminati Jew bankers) needed a cold war in order to justify the creation of the West’s military-industrial complex. This policy of endless war created a wealth producing economic system that exploited white and nonwhite labor in order to enrich the bankers.

This video is highly relevant to our situation today. Share it.

Attribution: I saw this video on Darkmoon’s website (See Lasha Darkmoon in blogroll) last night.

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8 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler’s Warning (Banned in Europe)

      1. I heard Lindy’s son on the Art Bell reddio show telling his own story.He said his sister Avery in Connecticut refused to give a DNA samploe so his story could be proven.Lyndy could njot accept the fact that pure Aryan could have an “imperfect” kid…..the story was wiped clean from the web……unless someone can gugul something up

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