A Reminder That Jews Are NOT White!

Never forget that the jews have been successful for thousands of years because THEY STICK TOGETHER! Do Whites??? Better think about it.


In fact, they are an evil mongrel race.In fact, they are an evil mongrel race.

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Even though it is definitely true that some Jews do look white-ish, the fact is they are still mixed race. One drop of Jewish blood makes a Jew! The fact that most Jews certainly do not consider themselves White is very telling.

The Jews know their identity.

Do we?

– BDL1983

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3 thoughts on “A Reminder That Jews Are NOT White!

  1. That is a good message to keep repeating, Cartier. The jews try hard to make the pretense that they are “white”, and they slyly convince people through their media trying make Americans think that the jews are just another quirky breed of whites. There are a hell of a lot of differences and skin is only one, as we know. Our people need to realize that their interests are going to be represented only by other Whites. They will learn that as time goes on, but repetition will help to increase awareness and drive that point home.

    Here is some info on one of those pretenders, Angela Merkel , the jewess communist organizer.


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