Jews Tried To Kill 6 Million Whites

My thanks to Flanders for his perceptive comments and links.  I had no idea.


We are all aware that jews accuse their victims of doing what, in fact, jews have done.

There was a jew plan to kill 6 million German civilians. It was a large scale operation which had the active participation of Chiam Weitzman, the First President of Israel. The plan involved poisoning the water supplies of six large German cities. There were successor plans which did produce German casualties, and several different attempts following those.

Many of those jew devils remain alive and unrepentant. And still, it is Israel and those who work for the jews who continue to persecute older German men and women, and the entire population of Germany. It doesn’t stop there. The jews are intent on killing all White people, and not just Germans, and there should be no qualms about recognizing that fact, and retaliating in the strongest terms.

You can bet they’er still at it.


5 thoughts on “Jews Tried To Kill 6 Million Whites

  1. Hi good lady, can I ask you a question. I received an email about 3 days ago from someone who reblogs from my site. They asked to be added to my blogroll. Which I’d gladly do. The only problem is I’m puzzled how they got my email. I don’t think I put it up publicly. Can you see my email on my site?
    I answered the email asking that question but got no reply. I went to their blog and asked in the comments on latest posts, still no reply. I don’t want to sound paranoid but it’s got me puzzled. What do you think?

  2. Hey sweetman, may I see their blog? Maybe I know them. NO, you email is no where listed, not even on your picture. On my profile, (full profile) I list my email as I want people to contact me privately if they wish.

    This was listed at the bottom of your comment when I received it in my email.

    Very strange they don’t answer you. Don’t put them up until they do.

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