The Harbingers That Scream America’s Days Are Numbered

While I disagree with this writer’s assumptions of our being founded on Christianity, we were not, we were founded on the premise of freedom of religion. And while he is unaware or refuses to acknowledge the jews are, and always have been, at the bottom of the disintegration of our country and national identity and all the other great White civilizations, I find this perceptive article very much worth re-posting.

I also disagree with his advertising of Jew attorney Mark R. Levin’s books, celebrating our demise, as a good jew should, so instead of copying and pasting just the article, I am presenting his entire site here.

You can make up your own minds. But never forget, the stinking jews want the extermination of the entire White Gentile Race.

Sword At-The-Ready


Open borders, promotion of state totalitarianism, acceptance of Communism, a negative replacement birthrate, and a blind eye to Islam have sealed our fate.

Let me just say it: America is toast.  As is Western Civilization itself.

It’s committed suicide.  Just as every single Republic and Democracy that has come before ours has done.  What remains is a fragile shell that keeps up an appearance of strength and stability.   It masks the rot that has hollowed out the foundations and guts of a nation and people.  As a result: a perverse and wicked people denounce what was once foundational and celebrate what is anathema to our foundations;   institutional corruption exists at all levels of society;  an oppressive government is empowered under false promises to restore what once was.

We are witnessing the collapse of the civil society.

Our leaders have already abandoned the Constitution and replaced it with a defacto federal dictatorship.  Faith in the institutions that maintained liberty are now abandoned as…

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7 thoughts on “The Harbingers That Scream America’s Days Are Numbered

    1. not just the white race…they want to eliminate ALL akum.They are not presently concerned with blacks and browns because they plan for the whites to kill all non whites….then they will to whites what have done to Palestinians

  1. Maybe so, but my understanding is they are using the mud races to destroy whites and then use them as slaves. You don’t think the stinking jews will pick their own cotton, now do you? Hahaha!

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