Strike Three for Arthur Topham

Strike Three! Crown’s third attempt at imposing draconian bail conditions on fails By Arthur Topham

Topham, Zionist Elders and their Trial Protocols Thursday, 26 November 2015 By Eric Walberg

Topham, Zionist Elders and their Trial Protocols by Eric Walberg

American Self Hatred

By John Kaminski

American Self-Hatred

The Eternal Jew

This film was made in 1940 before the war.  It has been condemned as an antisemitic German Nazi propaganda film, posing as a documentary. Its title in German is Der ewige Jude, the German term for the character of the Wandering Jew in medieval folklore.




The Real Reason German Must Perish

This article by Rebel of Oz gives an overview of the history of the Jewish slaughter of the German people.   Watch all the videos as well.  And don’t for get, it’s just not the Germans but ALL non-jews they want to destroy.