More Shit Jews Own (And Blame Whites For)

The jews have touched everything; you can find their slimy fingers all through our history. Notice I use a small j in naming them; I will not dignify this nasty, alien race with a capital J.

B'Man's Revolt

The Slave Trade Was Owned and Run by Jews (As Admitted by Jews)


How many times have you heard a black person blame white people for the slave trade? Heck, for many years, I believed it too. I mean, surely they would know what they were talking about, right? Even to this day, white people are blamed for all sorts of black oppression and the old canard is continually used by the brainwashed (many being white who have white guilt over a glaring falsity that is fostered by Jews and eagerly accepted by blacks). But it doesn’t take long, if you look into the truth of the matter, you will see that very few white people actually had slaves. As a percentage, Jews were far more likely to own black slaves than white folk were (not to mention that the first slaves brought to this continent were white). It…

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