The Stench of Anti-Semitism: How to Suffocate Your Enemy With Ideology Instead of Facts

The following is an excerpt from Deborah E. Lipstadt’s book, DENYING THE HOLOCAUST The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, published in 1993.  Instead of engaging Revionists with her own facts of the Holocaust, she refuses to meet with them and instead accuses them of Anti-Semitic ideology as the motivation of Holocaust Denial.   She believes the facts don’t matter.

In the academic arena there have been those who have interpreted this stance as inconsistent with the free pursuit of ideas for which the academy stands. This reflects a failure to understand both the [xv] ludicrousness of Holocaust denial and the nature of the academy. It reflects the moral relativism prevalent on many campuses and in society at large. The misguided notion that everyone’s view is of equal stature has created an atmosphere that allows Holocaust denial to flourish. This kind of confusion surfaced on a number of college campuses in the fall of 1993 in response to an advertisement attacking me and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The ad, which makes the wild accusation that the museum contains no proof of homicidal gassing chambers, also claims that “the Deborah Lipstadts — and there is a clique of them on every campus — work to suppress revisionist research and demand that students and faculty ape their fascist behavior.” 

More important, we must remember that we are dealing with an irrational phenomenon that is rooted in one of the oldest hatreds, antisemitism. Antisemitism, like every other form of prejudice, is not responsive to logic. We may battle against contemporary manifestations of it and hope that we are successful, but none of us should be deluded into thinking that any particular battle will be the last. Deniers may have been dealt a blow by major developments such as the opening of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the film Schindler’s List. But a museum and film alone will not vanquish them. Either the deniers or the next genre of antisemites will eventually surface in some other form.

How can Holocaust Revisionists be dealt a blow from Schindler’s List when the movie was taken from a work of fiction??


From Amazon:

The acclaimed bestselling classic of Holocaust literature, winner of the Booker Prize and the Los Angeles Times Book Award for Fiction, and the inspiration for the classic film—“a masterful account of the growth of the human soul” (Los Angeles Times Book Review).


Calling Holocaust Deniers/Revisionists anti-semites instead of refuting with facts lack of evidence of the gas chambers and the insane 6 million figure, paints the broad brush of racism against anyone who questions this myth, thereby rendering anything said or proven to be worthless.   Remember, Lipstadt is not proving the Holocaust happened, only crucifying the Deniers.

Here is the rest of Deborah’s book, courtesy of Solar General.

Remember, in most parts of Western Europe, even questioning the 6 million figure will land your butt in jail.   We can’t let that happen here.


One thought on “The Stench of Anti-Semitism: How to Suffocate Your Enemy With Ideology Instead of Facts

  1. Lipstadt is the Jewish coward who refused to take the stand in her action against David Irving, [she would have been, for want of a better phrase, crucified], all the millions of dollars she raised to fund her case came from Jews who are raking in the shekels from a cowed Germany.

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