What Does The Stars and Bars Represent?

Next time someone’s offended by something you like, remember to be offended at their offendedness. That’ll fry ’em! Hahahaha!

My deepest thanks to B’Man’s excellent and thoughtful essay.

B'Man's Revolt

Political Correctness has taken a front seat in the debate… all over what a raging lunatic did (or maybe didn’t do, depending on whether or not the entire Roof thing is a hoax). Be that as it may, it is apparent by watching/listening/reading the main stream media, we find ourselves being divided (and conquered). By now, if you are a regular reader here, you must know that in my opinion, any time you find the MSM going on a constant attack, focusing on a particular subject, there is an agenda that is meant to fuel this divide and to form the conceptions of those who take heed to their reports (which in almost every case is in direct contradiction to what they do in their homeland). You would also know that any time I see these obvious events take place, I feel confident that a completely opposite stance is probably…

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