18 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Racism AND Our Future

    1. We are naive and don’t think that most of the people that aren’t like us would like to do us wrong… or to exploit our weaknesses. We strive for fairness… up to blindness, sometimes.

      1. Or we forgot what it was to belong to a great family… However, we have been warring peoples since a long time ago. I think that the jews learned that they could exploit that weakness of ours, by financing both oppositions. They love money and materialism, but at the same time, they use it as a means to get leverage. As a means to get power. And it has worked out very well for them.

  1. The joos used the white ego to equate whites with God/Jesus. Kristianity is the best enslaving mechanism…..tell a Kristian that Talmud says Jesus is in hell boiling in his own excrement, and the Kristian will get pist off at you….”Tob shebe goyim harog”=even good gentiles should be killed.I blame you white Kristians for that stranglehold that the joos have on the USA and the world

    1. You are right, the jews by themselves would have never gotten this far, if not for deluded Whites… They subverted Greco-Roman society from within, and then, the remnants (and spiritual heirs) of the Roman Empire carried on with the Cristian domination…
      Sadly, even most WNs don’t see that…

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