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Obama boasts ‘I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat’ in the Oval Office

Be sure and read Mothman777’s comments. He is spot on.

The Ugly Truth


ed note–what’s wrong with this picture? If any candidate for any office boasted that he or she was ‘the closest thing to a Muslim that has ever sat in such-and-such office’, the JMSM (and especially the right-wingers) would be screaming like 6 month old babies who just dirtied their diapers. Furthermore, if indeed–as ADL and other organized Jewish groups fanatically and disingenuously maintain–that Jews have no more influence over the government, media, finance, etc, then why is there is obvious attempt on the part of SO MANY people, including the President himself–to pander to these people and make it appear as though he is in ‘their camp’ on all issues and at all times?

The fact is however, that in this case, Obama is telling the truth. Contrary to the narrative that right wing Zionists would like the world to believe, Obama was brought to office in order to SAVE…

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