10 Reasons why Hitler was one of the Good Guys

Simple clarification of Hitler’s motives is the one bastion for truth that will overcome the murderous lies of the jews. There is more truth about Hitler then there are lies about him.


k Initially I had intended creating a piece titled “10 Myths about Hitler” but decided that there were so many, that I switched topic slightly. k I understand like most of my work, these areas outlined only give a flavor and are not conclusively resourced. But that’s OK. It’s a carrot and hopefully just enough for people (even skeptics) to do their own research on these controversial areas. When people find things out for themselves, this has much more substance. All these areas are verifiable. They just take a bit of objective, independent research. There are links at the bottom of the page to help one’s research. kkk k1/.He never wanted to kill any Jews Whenever you hear anyone espouse (repeat) the lies about Hitler the nasty Jew-killer. Please always make a point of asking this very simple question: “Where did you get that information from?” Perhaps we…

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How the Zionists have taken your life, your country and your world
How the Zionists have taken your life, your country and your world