The following quote is from the PDF file book by Christopher Jon Bjerknes,


page 84:

To the Jews, the establishment of the Jewish State heralds the appearance of the Jewish Messiah and the Jews’ prophesied complete dominance over all other Peoples followed by the other Peoples’ judgment and then extermination. ……. The establishment of a Jewish Kingdom to rule and ruin the Earth is the expressed purpose of Judaism and the attainment of these goals is the only reason that racist Jews have kept their people segregated from the rest of humanity for some two thousand five hundred years.

They remain separate so that they can eventually rule and utterly destroy every other group of human beings. It is their “divine” wish and sole purpose. And they believe that when they have accomplished these horrific goals, God will bless them with a “new earth” and a new spirit and a new heart and will cover their dry bones with a new flesh, as promised in the Jewish apocalyptic nightmares of Isaiah and Ezekiel. This “new earth” will not suffer Gentile life. These Cabalistic Jews, and their Christian dupes who have been schooled to believe in the “Rapture,” intend to destroy the world so as to provoke God to create the “new earth”. They do not fear the genetic harm they ae deliberately causing humanity, nor do they fear the environmental harm they are causing, because they believe that these will hasten the arrival of the Jewish Messiah and the appearance of a “new earth.” The Zohar, I, 28a-b, states:

“At that time every Israelite will find his twin-soul, as it is written, ‘I shall give to you a new heart, and a new spirit I shall place within you.’ (Ezek.xxxvi, 26), and again, ‘And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy’ (Joel III, 1); these are (28b) the new souls with which the Israelites are to be endowed, according to the dictum, ‘the son of David will not come until all the souls to be enclosed in bodies have been exhausted’. And then the new ones shall come.”

Don’t believe it? This is taken from the Jews own Holidays:

Watch these dates:

September 23, 2015 – April 18, 2016.

Is this WW III?   What else could it be??  They’ve already given us WW 1 & 2.






10 thoughts on “THE SECRET OF THE JEWS

    1. OK, it finally worked.
      I’ve been looking all over for jewish prophecies as I think they are very useful to know. Please let me know about any more that you find.
      It’s obvious they are using their money to make all this sick sh*t come true.

      1. Thank you! I most certainly will. My site is mainly devoted to the WHY of the jews. I already know WHAT and HOW they are behaving. While many jews don’t even believe in God, they wrote the Old Testament as a cover so they could be “The Chosen Ones.” And if God said it, how can it be wrong?? Please read Ben Klassen’s book Nature’s Eternal Religion linked on Stand or Die. He really explains it all.

      2. I’ll tell you, it’s hard to find this kind of stuff. They don’t exactly publicize it.
        So far I’ve found a clip of a Rabbi who says the destruction of Europe is essential before their messiah comes back, some jews talking about how many goy slaves they will get after his return, this guy: and your post about how they have to destroy the entire word so God will make them a new one.
        I need primary sources otherwise people will just call it ‘nazi propaganda’.
        These “people” are fucking sick.

  1. It seems that these jews love to look at the sky for signs… Could it be that they “force” the prophecies via looking to the sky and preparing to get shit done by then? So it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Makes sense to me. Specially if you take into account that the Bible is nothing more than a giant instructions book.

    1. You are absolutely right about the bible. I’ve seen around that the jews are their own messiah and on one jewish site it said that they have a tendency to tell God what to do, so, yes, they are forcing their own prophecies to make them happen. That way they make it look like “God” is right. Assholes.

      1. You know about the Protocols, right? I recall that they say that their Messiah, or the man who would rule us all is to come from the house of David… Who? Who knows. Even if they don’t have a guy coming literally from the house of David, they will bend the rules anyway if the rabbis think that they can get away with it in the eyes of their “god”. They bend the rules all the time.

      2. Exactly. I actually have a book on the Protocols. No matter what they put out, they will not follow things exactly but will change what works for them. They know we know all this. We have to stay extra sharp.

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