In dedication of our ally the intelligent and honest Jew Benjamin H. Freedman

the real power behind the scenes

The world is close to a second phoney ‘terorrist attack’ like 911, followed by WW III and other major events. 911 is THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN OUR TIME. It’s a trap that’s set. See it like this.

  1. 911, the trap is built
  2. NDAA, the trap is set
  3. Next false ‘terrorist’ attack, the trap shuts, martial law

I will explain

  1. What will happen
  2. Why it will happen
  3. How we can prevent it

I will explain the hidden powers behind the world scene crystal clear like nobody has ever done. WW I, WW II, Hitler, 911, mass immigration, all big events in our history are connected, just like first the Matrix and now Cloud Atlas are telling you without you understanding, but that will change. Everything is connected in a very simple way. Read this and you will understand everything. Soon, 100% guaranteed, there will be a 911 like event, a false ‘ terrorist’ attack.


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3 thoughts on “In dedication of our ally the intelligent and honest Jew Benjamin H. Freedman

  1. Hi Cartier,

    Many thanks for your email, and a belated Happy New Year to you too.

    Looking at this post from ‘the real power behind the scenes’, I wondered if you had read of Operation Foxley, the 1944 plan to assassinate Hitler by the SOE. I very much doubt that Hitler was really a secret Jewish agent, or really a secret Rothschild if they just wanted him dead.

    I have read these accusations against Hitler before, but I think them to be more the product of fanciful thinking, look how much effort they have put into the confabulations of the Holocaust and 9/11. After all, we only get to read paper, read ‘testimonies’, and see ‘photos’, and taking into account how people killed by the alleged ‘Allies’ are still often posed in photos as dead Jews, anything we read that seems very off like that, I really have to doubt.

    They used piles of matchstick-thin dead Germans, and said they were dead Jews, and people still say; “Well, look at the photos, you can’t possibly fake those dead Jews can you?”. And you can see how those people have been duped when they believe those photos to really be of dead Jews with absolute certainty, as they cannot understand how devious the minds of the Jewish leaders were then, and are today. AR Butz published an example of this in his book; ‘The Hoax of the 20th Century’, showing an absolutely massive heap of near skeletal dead Germans, purportedly the bodies of Jews killed by the Germans, but they were traced to being actually bodies of Germans from Dresden who had perished from acute starvation in the aftermath of the sadistic Dresden bombings, where RAF pilots had been specifically directed to bomb the most concentrated gatherings of refugees around the marketplace, whilst a dishonest RAF propaganda film was produced for the British public that showed the RAF being specifically told before flying the mission to avoid the marketplace because that was where all the refugees would be gathered. Jews are very naughty.

    Hitler never wanted war, so he can hardly be said to have deliberately thrown any chance of success away, given that he had so passionately tried to avoid war, and been so totally ignored by the Polish and British governments in spite of repeated pleas for peace. If Hitler had really wanted to destroy Germany, Hitler needed only to have been a Communist and done what Stalin and the Rothschild bankers wanted, and many millions of Germans would have been annihilated from within Germany itself even, like many millions of Russians themselves had been under Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin, and Stalin would have swept right through Europe unopposed and gone on to invade America, as had always been the stated intention of the Communists.

    I think rather that the line that Hitler was just a Jewish agent has been seeded originally by cunning Jewish writers themselves, in an evil attempt to really screw us up, to make us have grave doubts about the one person who managed to free his country from their parasitic grip. I really think these kinds of false accusations about Hitler are ridiculous. Remember how they posthumously said Gaddafi used to rape AND beat up both his male and female bodyguards, I mean, who can believe that people armed with machine guns were really getting beaten up and raped by him, in great numbers, one after the other? They would simply have killed him and everyone who supported him in such evil if that had really been happening.

    The false assertion that Hitler was financed by the Jewish banks is totally ridiculous also, I mean, why would usurious Jewish banks lend a man money,

    A) who would never pay them back because he was to lose the war,

    B) who would not repay money with interest, having banned usurious banking in Germany

    C) who did not need to borrow, because getting free of such dependency on borrowing from usurious banks was the every means by which the economy of Germany recovered.

    D) who did not need to borrow, because the success of Germany’s new economy was based on LABOUR producing REAL goods, which were then traded only for other real commodities, completely removing the possibility of Germany being scammed again with fake printed money right out of the equation.

    It is certain that if Hitler really had been borrowing money from Jewish banks at huge interest, that the German economy would still have remained exactly as it was in the Weimar Republic, or gotten much worse, given the extra resources that Germany was now using. I have read some slightly different assertions that Hitler only borrowed money from Jewish banks up till 1933, but not after he came to power. But so what if he did? Would that make him a Jewish agent? Every bank was Jewish, and to use such a bank was the only choice anyone had, and no one can justifiably say that everyone using such banks was thus certainly a Jewish agent.

    Mussolini had foolishly decided to build himself up in the eyes of his own people, jealous of Hitler’s military successes and foolishly invaded Africa at a most inopportune time, as Leon Degrelle has stated, when Hitler was in a position to be easily able to take Russia in only a few more weeks, but had to break off rapid military advancement in Russia as Mussolini’s foolish action had then put the Rumanian oil fields in danger that Hitler needed to keep his planes, boats, trucks and tanks mobile with, necessitating Hitler temporarily devoting his efforts mainly to fighting in Africa, costing him the opportunity of the warmer weather weeks in Russia when he would have been free to advance very rapidly, and when Hitler was finally free to resume the full intended strength of his military action in Russia, the temperature dropped enormously, froze the engine oil and fuel, and froze German equipment in the mud, and froze his troops to death, but Mussolini’s grandiose foolishness had precipitated that disaster, not Hitler himself.

    The Tavistock stuff can hardly be proven, and his nephew who tried to blackmail Hitler (if that too is not just another totally confabulated creation of the gutter press) had plainly been got to by the British Jewish government, and was clearly capable of saying anything, whether through mind programming at Tavistock himself, torture, blackmail, bribery, or whatever, I know not.

    Regarding Hitler’s traitorous generals, they were stupid in thinking they could have a separate peace with England, as one of the British war cabinet’s ministers is recorded as having said how much he disliked dealing with the German resistance people who were against Hitler in Germany, as they just did ‘not get it’, that ALL Germans were intended to die, including even the German resistance. It was in truth a purge of the German genome, that the Jews considered just too strong to be managed under economic slavery any longer. Hitler had come to realize that no separate peace was possible by this time, and knew that Germany had to carry on. He could see what the Jewish-controlled so-called ‘Allies’ were doing by then, in concert with each other. The Jewish-controlled ‘Allied’ annihilation of Germany would still have continued unabated even with Hitler dead, and those traitorous generals just did not realize that, that this was a Jewish Capitalist/Bolshevik purge by annihilation of the German genome from ALL sides.

    Churchill had stated that it would not have mattered who was in power in Germany, or what system, as National Socialism was not the real issue he said, adding that the real issue was that the German people had to be broken once and for all, and that this annihilating genocidal attack on Germany would still have occurred inevitably even if a Jesuit priest had been controlling Germany. I believe Hitler should be redeemed in the light of that.

    Thanks again for the lead on Johan Oldenkamp, I will look up more of his writings.

    With best regards,


    1. Hello Friend,

      Thanks for the great and informative comment. I haven’t re-read that article for a long time. I am now watching: Hitler-The Greatest Story Never Told. And yes, it clearly explains that attempt. I never believed Hitler to be ANY kind of Jew agent.

      John Friend’s Blog clears up all misconceptions regarding Hitler. He has lost his job over his site but has devoted his life to the truth. Look him up when you get a chance. I got Freedman’s article from Neotriestowarnyou, who has many videos out on the Jews. All research must be tracked to its ultimate source for truth and accuracy. Neo has failed to do this regarding Hitler. I’ve corrected him several times but he won’t listen. Keep up the good fight, I am right beside you.

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