Dire Warnings from Christopher Jon Bjerknes to the Gentiles

We’ve ignored the warnings for 100 years. Too late now.

Pragmatic Witness

WW~Notes: For over seven years, I’ve reposted dozens of articles from Bjerknes due to his eloquent knowledge of the Jews’ plans for the rest of humanity.  For those new to PW search the archives and the ‘Static Knowledge’ sidebar for his essays.

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We Have Had Seven Years to Prevent This, and You Still Aren’t Doing Anything to Fight Back

The Jews are worried that peace might break out in the Middle East. I warned that they are desperate to start a war with Iran, because their puppet Ahmadinejad is now out of office and the Iranians want peace. This is why the Jews are now taking outrageous and extremely risky steps to wipe out Syria and lure Iran into a war.

The Jews first had the Chinese put pressure on North Korea to threaten the USA with nuclear attack. The Jews then launched another nuclear attack on America by needlessly…

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